Changes to our Support in 2019!

19 Dec 2018

Let's change our support channel in 2019 today, we use WhatsApp to communicate with our customers, however, it is not an effective medium since we have a separate knowledge base of the application, to improve this comtat with you we created this way of contact, here you will find some frequently asked questions and solutions for them, besides we have a chat that can be accessed by our clients during business hours (Brasilian time) from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For fast support, when registering, it is recommended that you change your profile and add your purchase code, so our team will identify your product and will start the Support Service.

We are always working to improve the contact with our customers, in 2019 ProcodeBR will come with several new features.

We wish everyone a great Christmas and a great start to the year, see you in 2019 ^^.