We are on vacation at the end of the year!

19 Dec 2018

Yes, our team is resting now in the month of December but this does not mean that we will leave you in the hand, we have our limited support for tickets, our chat support will only be provided in January from day 5, meanwhile we are responding via ticket and yes, it may be more than normal, but we are doing everything we can to answer everyone in the shortest possible time.

What can we expect for 2019?
Well, a lot of news, with Postcode's end of Nextpost we will be working on our products for Stackposts and other scripts, so our products can be used on all platforms, we start with our Android application that is now improved and also adjusted with the Stackposts.

Will new products be launched?
Yes, in addition to what we already have, we are already with some projects in mind and some are already being formulated, due to the holidays of end of year are paralyzed but in January we will return with the same ones.

No more is this, on January 5, 2019 we will be back with our normal activities, if you have any doubt just open a ticket that we will respond as soon as possible.